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Nov 05 2011

Professional Development

Yesterday, for maybe the first time since Institute ended, I feel like I learned something really valuable during a PD session. Honestly, it might be the first time since the middle of Institute. I have been frustrated by the way my PD has been going. Nothing during the TFA required week of PD after institute…

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Oct 22 2011

I survived week one?

The question is because it’s something of a shock, really. While I’ve been “teaching” since late September, I only got my own classroom on Monday. I’m back at the second school I was placed at, since the third didn’t have a classroom for me and I was acting as a floater. In some ways, it’s…

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Jun 30 2011

I went to school today

And oh my goodness, it was amazing! It’s a beautiful school, much better than I could ever have hoped for. Setting up the classroom to work as parallel teachers in a collab of four was incredibly difficult, but it was still amazing. Not everything today was amazing; in fact, pretty much everything but getting my…

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