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Jan 30 2012

This sinking feeling

It is difficult for me to write on a regular basis for any number of reasons. As a teacher at a year-round, extended day (6:30am-6:00pm) school, and a part-time Master’s student, I have very little time for the things I need to get done, let alone the things I want to get done. On top…

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Dec 03 2011

This Job is Killing Me

I haven’t written in forever, and that’s basically because I have no idea what time is… Between being constantly observed by one party or another, revamping my classroom so the DOE is happy(er), dealing with combining two very different curricula every week for my lesson plans, going to PD, and giving two separate assessments to…

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Oct 22 2011

I survived week one?

The question is because it’s something of a shock, really. While I’ve been “teaching” since late September, I only got my own classroom on Monday. I’m back at the second school I was placed at, since the third didn’t have a classroom for me and I was acting as a floater. In some ways, it’s…

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Sep 15 2011

A Little iPad Help?

As you may know, Apple donated iPads to all current Teach For America Corps Members… pretty amazing, I know! I’m really excited to pick mine up on Sunday and play around with it. However, while I can think of about a million Apps I’ll immediately want to download for my own personal enjoyment, I don’t…

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