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Aug 07 2012

New Placement!

So, I haven’t been posting about my placement process (which has finally worked out) because I didn’t want to jinx it before everything was finalized. With the help of TFA, I have secured a new placement for my second year at an amazing program. I will be teaching an Early Learn/Head Start class in a bilingual district…

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Jun 22 2012

That Moment When…

Today I gave a demo lesson at an amazing school in an amazing classroom. If I get the job, I will be really happy. It’s an amazing school, amazing program, and amazing organization. I am a candidate for a Pre-K position within the school network. I was actually lucky, and got to give the demo…

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This time last year, I was preparing to take my state teaching exams (LAST and CST) and head off to Institute to begin my life as a teacher. Never in a million years did I see this year playing out the way it did, or imagine that come June 2012, I would pretty much be…

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Apr 27 2012

Lesson Planning

During TFA Institute, I hated the process we went through for lesson planning. At the beginning, someone tried to insist that this was the way we would lesson plan during the year, and so it was a worthy skill to develop in this way. Ultimately however, my CMA agreed that it was unlikely we would plan in this…

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Mar 14 2012

Social tools for educators

A new social tool has been released recently called Pinterest- you’ve probably heard of it. It is a tool that allows users to set up different boards for their various interests, and “pin” to them, the way a person might pin to a cork board or an idea board in a physical space. They have…

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Mar 13 2012

On killing the boredom:

Well it’s been a month, and I am no closer to having a job than I was the day I was let off. I have however successfully created a situation in which I can observe, volunteer and substitute in an effort to maintain, improve and reflect on my practice. Fortunately my placement region is where…

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Feb 24 2012

Moving Forward

As of yesterday, TFA sent out my resume to three separate charter networks in the city that have open mid-term and long-term positions. I have heard from two of the three already, and have phone interviews set up for early next week. Although my ideal situation would have been to have found a student teaching…

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Dec 03 2011

This Job is Killing Me

I haven’t written in forever, and that’s basically because I have no idea what time is… Between being constantly observed by one party or another, revamping my classroom so the DOE is happy(er), dealing with combining two very different curricula every week for my lesson plans, going to PD, and giving two separate assessments to…

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Nov 05 2011

Professional Development

Yesterday, for maybe the first time since Institute ended, I feel like I learned something really valuable during a PD session. Honestly, it might be the first time since the middle of Institute. I have been frustrated by the way my PD has been going. Nothing during the TFA required week of PD after institute…

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Oct 22 2011

I survived week one?

The question is because it’s something of a shock, really. While I’ve been “teaching” since late September, I only got my own classroom on Monday. I’m back at the second school I was placed at, since the third didn’t have a classroom for me and I was acting as a floater. In some ways, it’s…

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Oct 02 2011

A Little Bit of Background

This week I finally got into a classroom, YAY! Of course, because these things can never be easy, there is trouble brewing. I haven’t been writing much (practically at all) because there’s been very little to say. I got hired, and then things sort of fell out of place. I’ve been hired by a network…

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Sep 15 2011

A Little iPad Help?

As you may know, Apple donated iPads to all current Teach For America Corps Members… pretty amazing, I know! I’m really excited to pick mine up on Sunday and play around with it. However, while I can think of about a million Apps I’ll immediately want to download for my own personal enjoyment, I don’t…

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Here are some photos of the bulletin board my co-teachers and I made for our students this summer. The whole thing was actually even better: as part of our theme, every student had a car that was used for attendance, but also represented the rewards they were getting for putting in strong effort in the…

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And by “excerpt,” I mean the majority of the e-mail. After writing it, I realised it’s pretty much everything I would want to tell people to give them an overview of where I am right now. I’ll be working in the South Bronx, in a largely Hispanic and African immigrant community. I’m really excited about…

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Aug 30 2011

Getting the Ball Rolling

Things during Institute got crazy, and it was hard to write… hard to know what to say. Then, after Institute, I just couldn’t bring myself to write. However, I’m back now, and better than ever. The last few weeks have been a rollercoaster. Between worrying about placement and the impending start of grad school classes,…

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Aug 30 2011

Why Teaching is Important

Teaching is like giving a gift, every day, to a ton of people. So I guess it’s more like giving a lot of gifts, every day. These gifts don’t cost much money, only time, energy, and love. For me, I will be giving gifts every day to a bunch of 3- and 4-year-olds, and what…

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That’s what I keep thinking to myself. The pain that I get in my stomach every time I go into the dining hall, the lack of sleep, the weird water, and everything that comes with these things, are all worth it if my teaching means that even one of my students gets to move on…

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Jun 30 2011

I went to school today

And oh my goodness, it was amazing! It’s a beautiful school, much better than I could ever have hoped for. Setting up the classroom to work as parallel teachers in a collab of four was incredibly difficult, but it was still amazing. Not everything today was amazing; in fact, pretty much everything but getting my…

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