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Jun 22 2012

That Moment When…

Today I gave a demo lesson at an amazing school in an amazing classroom. If I get the job, I will be really happy. It’s an amazing school, amazing program, and amazing organization. I am a candidate for a Pre-K position within the school network. I was actually lucky, and got to give the demo in the classroom of a girl I know. Her kids are amazing!

The best part of today was realizing I’d picked basically exactly the right book for the read aloud. The administrator who did my observation/interview loved it, and so did the kids. As we were leaving the classroom, she gushed about the choice of book, how engaged the students had been, and the way I went through the lesson.

I read Harold and the Purple Crayon. I chose it because I didn’t know what the kids were in the process of studying. In choosing Harold and the Purple Crayon, every student was able to use their knowledge, imagination and interests to answer the interactive questions I asked both during and after reading. The kids especially liked talking about what they would do if they had a crayon like Harold’s. I then extended the conversation because a large number of students had said that they would draw a house. We talked about all the things they would put in that house, and how many rooms it might have.

It felt so good to be in the classroom. Everything there conveyed a sense of joy and love. I was able to get all of the students to interact with me and the text in some way or another, some on multiple occasions. I am really hoping that I get this job, I would love to be a part of this organization, and I would definitely love to get back into the classroom.

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