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Jun 19 2012

A Little Rant About (one of my) Grad School (classes)

Ok… I understand, and support, the idea that teachers need to be self reflective to be successful and effective. I’m all for it. But seriously? Do I really have to tell my professors about everything that’s ever happened to me in 8 pages of short essays? Especially since I would really rather that this professor knew less about me? Even worse is the fact that she’s actually having us turn in four papers over the next three classes, and they’re all 8 pages or longer.

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  1. J Farrell

    A good quote by Thomas Sowell for all young teachers to learn and live by: “In most discussions of the problems of American public schools, the low intellectual quality of people who come out of our schools of education is the 800-pound gorilla that keeps getting ignored. Such teachers cannot give their students intellectual abilities that they themselves don’t have.” Thomas Sowell is a brilliant man and all who wish to succeed at the profession of teacher should read one of his books. We must always improve as educators and never complain about all the work you must do. You chose the profession now excel.

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