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Feb 24 2012

Moving Forward

As of yesterday, TFA sent out my resume to three separate charter networks in the city that have open mid-term and long-term positions. I have heard from two of the three already, and have phone interviews set up for early next week.

Although my ideal situation would have been to have found a student teaching or “apprentice”-like position for the remainder of the year, and then move into an assistant or lead teacher position in the fall, I am achingly excited by the prospect of getting back into the classroom as soon as possible.  It is also possible that a position will be offered to me that is very like an apprenticeship, that will become an assistant or lead teacher position in the fall, in which case, I will be doubly excited. I think that I would really benefit as a teacher from the opportunity to work with, and under, another more experienced teacher. I feel that this is especially true now that I will be moving into my third grade area in the sense that I taught third grade over the summer, I taught Pre-K for the last six months, and now I am looking at K-2 opportunities.

Every grade is a whole different ball game. Everything from the way the classroom is set up, to the whether or not there are centers, how bulletin boards should look, and how behavior is managed, all changes depending on what grade you are teaching. It can be a little disorienting to be teaching so many grades in such a short span of time. Additionally, the charter school networks that I am interviewing with have very specific policies and guidelines about all of these things, which is very different from either school I worked at before.

I am excited, but nervous, for my interviews next week. In general, I am comfortable in interviews, and know that I come across very well. However, the question on the forefront of every interviewer’s mind will be: why is there a corps member without a job in the middle of the year. It is a question I have prepared to answer, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t shake me just a little.

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