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Feb 08 2012

Too Much Time

Not having a job has given me way too much time…
Oh, did I not mention? As of this past Friday, I am no longer employed. It’s complicated and I’m still not clear on exactly why, but that’s that. I miss my kids so much already, although I’m not worried at all about their new teacher, since she’s great.
However, I definitely have too much time on my hands. All I can think about is how I need to be doing something, and finding my way back into a job (preferably in front of kids) ASAP. I am still part of TFA, and so they are looking to re-place me, but I am also looking to find a position for the rest of this year. Ideally, I’ll be “Student teaching” or assisting. I’m looking into open positions at the schools I went to, which I see as a perk of having grown up here. At both schools there are open positions for assistants and subs/temps. I am also looking into working at the New York Public Library.
However, any ideas about where I should be looking or what I should be doing would be well received on this end. I am also very interested in pursuing opportunities in policy/consulting and somewhere in the political structure of NYC.
I am scared, and confused. I did not expect to be in this position right now, and almost more than anything else, I’m worried about my position at my grad school, and how I am going to afford to move out of my parents house (which I have been preparing to do). Who expects to find themselves job-less?

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