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Sep 15 2011

A Little iPad Help?

As you may know, Apple donated iPads to all current Teach For America Corps Members… pretty amazing, I know! I’m really excited to pick mine up on Sunday and play around with it.

However, while I can think of about a million Apps I’ll immediately want to download for my own personal enjoyment, I don’t know about ANY that I should get to utilize in my classroom. Worse is, I’m not even in the classroom yet (long story that I will elaborate on in the near future), and so I can’t really pinpoint what kinds of tools I should be looking for since I don’t know what the specific needs of my students will be. I will be teaching 3 and 4 year olds in a largely Hispanic and African immigrant community, and so I imagine I will be facing any number of language barriers and speech/linguistic problems.

This however, is a sort of general call for ideas. What kinds of Apps have you come across that would be good for use in a Pre-K/ECE/SPED classroom? Any level will do, as I will also likely have some students who have been in ECE for some time (my school starts at 6 months) as well as others who may be ahead for other reasons. Also, I am not just looking for reading/writing/language Apps, but anything that might help in my classroom.

Part of the point of Apple’s donation was to infuse a large number of classrooms with technology possibilities, and to make tools available to teachers and students that might otherwise not be. It is an amazing gift that I plan to use wisely and frequently, but I can’t do that without a little help from people who may know more than me.

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