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Jul 12 2011

On a more positive note…

Just a few things that aren’t so bad…
  • I used the copy center for the first time today… AWESOME!
  • And this is the second night in a row that I’m going to be in bed before midnight!
  • Also, today was TFA Day. It was a nice gesture, but sort of pointless really. Instead of having our scheduled stuff after school got out at 12:30, they bussed us back to St. John’s for a “free afternoon.” Given that we’re switching subjects next week, and therefore have to learn a whole new lesson planning process, most of us used the extra time to work instead of play. Also, wouldn’t it have been nice if we could have gotten off early on Friday? But, I will say, it was appreciated…

2 Responses

  1. Yeah, I have no doubt that many CMs used the “totally free afternoon” to lesson plan and prep their materials. But even so… Better than three hours of sessions, right?

  2. Lydia


    Just wanted to say that I love your blog– it’s totally fresh and you are so enthusiastic! Please keep on updating, I also like reading at your blog Miseducated.


    A 6th Grade Teacher on the LES

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