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Jun 30 2011

What is…

…it like for all you normal people to get to sleep, and eat, and just generally live life? Because I forget.

Institute so far goes something like: wake up, kind of eat, collect your miniscule lunch and head off to your first lesson of the day by 7 am. If you’re lucky, it won’t be complete repetition of something you’ve done before, and if you’re even luckier, you’ll learn something and get something done. Sometime between 10:30am and noon, you get to eat your now-lukewarm salad or sandwich, and drink your now warm soda or water. You probably haven’t even left the lecture hall, but now you go to another room to have more information presented to you, but not necessarily taught to you. Around 4:30, you’re given “free time,” which really means, “figure out how to finish what you’re supposed to be doing” time, or sleep time. The dining hall opens at 5, and you make a mad dash for an early, but hot and hopefully edible dinner.

Today was the first time that I really felt good since Institute started. Not that I haven’t been having a good time, and I was certainly more exhausted today than I have been the past few days, but I felt like I got something done today! For the first time, we actually got to try our hand at making something that we’re going to be putting in to action in the classroom! I’ve just sent in the first draft of my first ever lesson plan, for my third grade math lesson on skip counting by 25s, 50s, and 100s to 1000, the first objective in third grade math. It felt AMAZING. I know it’s going to come back to me tomorrow all marked up and wrong, but that doesn’t even matter. The reality is, that I’m that much closer to seeing the kids, and it’s pepping me up like you wouldn’t believe (my 2 hour nap probably helped too). I’m daunted by the fact that I have to be on the bus by 6:20 tomorrow morning, but I just keep running in my head, “I think I can, I think I can.”

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  1. aea107

    It’s weirdly comforting to know that complaints about institute are relatively uniform. This could have been written by one of us, too (except we get ice packs for our salads or sandwiches)!

    (A member of) The Philadelphia Institue

  2. forthesprings

    It is amazing how the stories are the same. I attended Institute during 2009 in ATL and my story was the exact same. Just keep on pushin’ through and remember, some day, this will all be a funny story.

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