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Jun 27 2011

Oh Hello, Week Two…

So, Induction was honestly one of the most inspirational things I’ve participated in in a long time. I left for the weekend feeling really pumped about what we’re setting off to do. And now, Institute has “begun.” I put that in quotes because I’m not completely sure what the purpose was of making us come and check in yesterday afternoon, only to have no programming at all until tonight (except for the Welcome Ceremony last night). I could have spent one more night at home- some more time with friends, and actually seen my family, but oh well.

I have to say that the beginning of Institute was slightly anticlimactic in comparison to Induction. It is however exciting to know where I will be teaching for the summer (3rd grade, general education in the Bronx!). I wish the schedule for the next week was a little clearer, but I’m looking forward to meeting my collaborative group and starting to prepare to help move some children on to 4th grade.

More on this later, since the weather’s finally nice and we’re headed out to read in the sun!

Welcome to NYC Institute!

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