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Aug 07 2012

New Placement!

So, I haven’t been posting about my placement process (which has finally worked out) because I didn’t want to jinx it before everything was finalized. With the help of TFA, I have secured a new placement for my second year at an amazing program. I will be teaching an Early Learn/Head Start class in a bilingual district public school in the Bronx. I had been told that I would be either in East Harlem or Washington Heights, so I was thrown a little by the placement in the Bronx, but I’m super excited. It’s a pretty good school (I obviously just Googled it) in terms of the programs it offers and the support it receives.
Additionally, the program I’m a part of only means that the school has the opportunity to become even more, as my placement program centers on building so-called “Community Schools,” where they do much more than just educate students. The goal…

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Jun 22 2012

That Moment When…

Today I gave a demo lesson at an amazing school in an amazing classroom. If I get the job, I will be really happy. It’s an amazing school, amazing program, and amazing organization. I am a candidate for a Pre-K position within the school network. I was actually lucky, and got to give the demo…

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Ok… I understand, and support, the idea that teachers need to be self reflective to be successful and effective. I’m all for it. But seriously? Do I really have to tell my professors about everything that’s ever happened to me in 8 pages of short essays? Especially since I would really rather that this professor…

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This time last year, I was preparing to take my state teaching exams (LAST and CST) and head off to Institute to begin my life as a teacher. Never in a million years did I see this year playing out the way it did, or imagine that come June 2012, I would pretty much be…

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Apr 27 2012

Lesson Planning

During TFA Institute, I hated the process we went through for lesson planning. At the beginning, someone tried to insist that this was the way we would lesson plan during the year, and so it was a worthy skill to develop in this way. Ultimately however, my CMA agreed that it was unlikely we would plan in this…

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Apr 05 2012

Moving Forward

Well, I got myself a job! I have been offered (and will be accepting in the morning) a position as a Lead Pre-K teacher at an ACS center run by the YWCA here in NYC. It’s a great school, great position, and a lot of benefits and guarantees that were not there in my last…

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Mar 30 2012

Down, but not Out (Yet…)

Well, it’s been almost two months now that I have been jobless and let me tell you, it does not feel like a vacation. I work a variety of odd jobs- I set up the new e-mail system for my synagogue, I babysit, and I tutor. The only thing that’s even remotely regular is the…

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Mar 14 2012

Social tools for educators

A new social tool has been released recently called Pinterest- you’ve probably heard of it. It is a tool that allows users to set up different boards for their various interests, and “pin” to them, the way a person might pin to a cork board or an idea board in a physical space. They have…

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Mar 13 2012

On killing the boredom:

Well it’s been a month, and I am no closer to having a job than I was the day I was let off. I have however successfully created a situation in which I can observe, volunteer and substitute in an effort to maintain, improve and reflect on my practice. Fortunately my placement region is where…

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Wendy Kopp was on campus Thursday as part of the Harvard Graduate School of Education\’s Askwith Forum series. She gave brief remarks about TFA before several via Wendy Kopp Visits HGSE: Has TFA’s Philosophy Shifted?.

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